Moving Tactics

So, when I moved from 40th st. to 38th st. I thought I had a pretty good tactic for moving: I got my leases to overlap by a month and moved my stuff carload by carload, gradually. It saved all manner of headaches. So that’s what I did to move my stuff into storage. Unfortunately, the storage place is an hour away. That changes things: now instead of gradual and realxing, each load of stuff takes 2.5 hours to move, and a fortune in gas. Oops. If you ever need to move and think gradual is the way to go, be sure to take into account things like distance.

 Also, as regards getting a storage unit: the people that rent out storage units are shysters. It was supposed to be $56 a month, but when I paid for the first month I HAD to buy insurance at $7 a month extra AND there were a few handling charges and such. Also, the unit was supposed to be 5′ x 10′. It’s not. It’s 4.5′ by 11′. But the contract uses the qualifier “approximately” so I can’t argue with them about it. And why is that a pain? Because I’m an engineer. You can’t give an engineer specifications of something that are off by half a foot. Now, instead of having a perfect, compact cube of stuff in a storage unit, it’s a weird, wobbly tower of stuff. Damn you, Extra Space!


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