Apologies, apologies: I arrived 6 days ago. I wrote a very long post a few nights ago, but the internet here is spotty, so it did not go through. Here are the basics:

Arrived in casablanca and then rode to Rabat. My first view from the air of Casablanca was some sort of walled farm compound peaking through a hole in the stormclouds. In Rabat, we had a grueling orientation, of which more later. Then three days ago we left Rabat and came to Fes. I have finally found housing here, in the dorms of the language centre at which I will spend the next 3 months studying.

Yesterday we had a tour of the medina in Fes. The highlight for me, as an engineer, was seeing the world’s oldest waterclock- a series of metal bowls, wooden beams, and open windows, though the mechanism that ran it has been destroyed. Wooo engineering!

I could talk at length about the medina, and will later, but I’m in a hurry, so let me tell this story:

Our guide had led us to the old house of a prominent and well to do judge. A man and a woman are taking care of the place before it can be sold, but it’s one of the biggest places in the medina. Our guide is first in line, I am second, and behind me are the 8 young ladies of the fulbright programme. I hear my guide mutter something sad. I look past him and see the man handing something to the woman. I ask what’s up, and he says “the husband just gave shopping money to the wife.”

So I say to him ” I guess Morocco and the US aren’t that different after all.” And we both have a good laugh. And I turn around to share the mirth, and look into 8 faces that would freeze a penguin to death. The guide shrugs to me, I shrug to him, and we keep going.

So that’s all for now. Happy birthday to me!


 PS- We took a taxi home. It was a minivan. While driving, the door I was sitting next to slid open and I had to hold it closed the whole way home. I now understand why Homer asks god to bless his rocket house and all that dwell within his rocket house. NYC cabbies are chumps compared to the Moroccans.


One Response to Arrival

  1. Alex M says:

    Way to go, you un-politically-correct chauvanist, you! (HAhahaha…) I know you, so I totally get it.. it just makes it funnier… 😉

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