I Have Jew in my Heart?

Today we went, again, to the medina. This time to a more residential area- it’s really amazing. The streets are like four feet wide and fifty feet tall, and the walls are studded with doors. Some of them open into huge, amazing houses with dozens of rooms and huge central courtyards… others open into what are little more than closets where people live.

At the shwarma stand, I should mention, a boy came up to us and offered to show us around. He clearly wasn’t a liscenced guide, so going with him would be illegal, but I’ve got to give him points on one thing: he introduced himself as “Mohammed CousCous.” From now on, that’s the moroccan version of John Doe to me.

Ramadan starts either tomorrow or the day after. During that month, you can’t eat or drink during daylight hours. So that means everyone has a huge 4 a.m. breakfast and a huge 9p.m. supper. I will do my best to abide by this, out of respect for their country, but at the same time, I am constantly dehydrated due to my struggle with the Berber’s revenge. So I’m a little worried as to how that will work out. But I will do my best… afterall, if I could make it through all this engineering education, I am sure that I have developed the willpower to overcome even the amazing and flagrant intestinal distress with which I am currently faced.

Wisdom of the day:
“In Morocco, we do not care about religion. We care about what is in your heart. If you are friendly, if you are generous, and so on. Religion does not matter, because we all have all religions in our hearts. I have Jew in my heart.”
~One of our language instructors, explaining the intricacies of international theology.

When he said it, he clearly meant that he’s got no problems with anyone of any religion, but I thought his wording was funny. Maybe Fox News isn’t as omnipotent in their portrayal of the Arab populations as we’ve been led to believe…


2 Responses to I Have Jew in my Heart?

  1. Alex M says:

    Mohammed CousCous…LOL

  2. othmane says:

    i like your words

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