The Phrase “Insh’allah”

I have, through the generosity of the Department of State, secured 3 months of language training at the beginning of my stay in Morocco. I feel my learning is coming along well, despite the fact that we are using latin transliteration of colloquial Moroccan Arabic.

Anyway, in Morocco, one is obliged to say “Insh’Allah” in every single sentance. It means “god willing,” more or less. The language teacher explain the reason for this in the following two examples:

Teacher: “How many children do you have?”
Female student: “Er… zero?”
T: “No, you must say zero, insh’allah, otherwise you may wake up tomorrow very pregnant, and your neighbors will say that you are a loose woman.”

Teacher:”What day is tomorrow?”
Class: “Thursday?”
T: “No, you must say Thursday, Insh’allah, because what if tomorrow is not Thursday? What if the government decides it does not like Thursdays, and we wake up tomorrow and it is friday? That would mess up our plans for studying, wouldn’t it.”

So there you go. Say “Insh’allah” at every opportunity, or you will wake up as a pregnant woman with a messed up calendar.



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