If you can read this, my WiFi is fixed

So it turns out that Windows Vista has some sort of weird issue where the wireless won’t automatically get IP adresses on some networks. I had to disable DHCP manually, if anyone else has this problem, by going into the registry editor and adding some DWord. But if you are reading this the problem is now fixed on my laptop. Thank you the Wetzel!

 Ramadan began today, so no eating or drinking during daylight. I want to do that just today to prove that I can, but some of my fellow Americans are being jerks about it, bringing food and water to class, etc. Asking Moslem teachers what eateries would be open. If I were going to eat, I’d do it on the sly, in my room. I mean, seriously, we’re supposed to be over here to show people not all Americans are jerks, and then we can’t go for twelve hours without a hamburger during their holy holiday? Feh.

For the record, though, I’ve found a pizzerria here. It seems pizza is a really popular snack food, I guess the equivalent of tacos back in  the US.  Two big pizzas (one plain, one shrimp and mushrooms) and two cans of coke was a little over $10.  (That is, 86 Dirhams.)

Also: Fezs are rather hard to come by here in Fes. I may have to wander into the medina and make some dude’s year. But don’t worry, fellas, you’ll get yours.


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