The Thing in the Bathroom

After sitting on it for 20 minutes, I have come to the conclusion that the thing next to the toilet in our communal bathroom is a Urinal, and not a Bidet. The end.

Actually, let me say this about European-style showers: worst idea ever. A European-style shower consists of a metal hose with a nozzle at the end. You have to either hold onto it or lay it on the floor. Now, I can understand the utility of this. I guess some people with, you know, weird angular bodies really need a flexible hose. Those of us that are 6’4″, however, are unamused.

That being said, I finally got a towel. An enormous, fluffy towel. Morocco, you make a mighty fine towel.


One Response to The Thing in the Bathroom

  1. Ed Anderson says:


    You should also know where your towel is.

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