That Thing by the Toilet

Well, some time ago I mentioned that after sitting on it for 20 minutes, I came to the conclusion that the thing in the communal bathroom is in fact a Urinal, and not a Bidet.

Someone here read that post, however, and claims it is actually a bidet. I may owe a lot of people an apology. But if it is a bidet, that means I have no idea how a bidet works. Chobson, help me out here. To use the one at your house, do you sit facing the wall and lean back until your head is on the floor and the soles of your feet are facing the ceiling? Because that’s the only way I can get That Thing by the Toilet to do what a bidet is supposed to do.

On the other hand, why would a Urinal have a knob for hot water? A true Moroccan Mystery.

Be seeing you!


2 Responses to That Thing by the Toilet

  1. Joe says:

    Check your myspace inbox for directions on how to use this.

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