Ddar Bayeda

No, I haven’t gotten myself got over here. I’ve been a’travelling!

Noontime thursday I got on a train  and headed to Casablanca, which they call Ddar Bayeda here (you were right, the Wetzel!) It took about 4 hours to get there. I didn’t really have a plan; I figured I’d wander till I found a hotel. The first one was full (rooms were 440 dirhams a night) but the second hotel had one room open. It was their largest, most expensive room, at 120 DH a night. That, for the record, is a little less than $15 a night. Anyway, it’s clear people have suffered in that hotel. You know the scene from the beginning of Apocalypse now where he’s laying on the bed in the Saigon hotel? Imagine a dingier version of that place.

I saw the Universite Hassan II where I will be working. It’s nice. They’ve got plenty of equipment, and there’s some talk of me teaching a nanotechnology course. So that should be good. The only weird thing was that no one there spoke arabic; it was all french. I guess I will be getting a lot of practice indeed.

Anyway, casablanca is enormous. It’s got something like a jozillion people in it, and it’s 10 kilometers across or so. I saw the ocean, the Hassan II mosque, and the consulate. Pretty ritzy. The city actually reminds me, from a crude architectural standpoint, of Washington DC. I guess it’s the french architects.

For breakfast on friday I had a piece of cornbread, a potatoe pancake, orange juice, coffee, a muffin, yoghurt, and a hardboiled egg. The total came to a little under $2. Just now, for $3 I got two pounds of hot peppers and four kiwis for making hotsauce. I call this hotsauce “Saucis Harr Rakem Arba”. (Hot sauce number four.) The food here is awesome.

Sell the car, sell the house, I’m never coming home back.

Anyway, I have hosted some photos elsewhere:

Sahara from camelback!

Roman Ruins at Volubilis!

Mothers, Hide Your Daughters!


5 Responses to Ddar Bayeda

  1. AZ says:

    Just to let you know that we decided as a department to put the
    “Mothers, Hide Your Daughters!” photo,
    on the first page in our annual report 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Stephanie says:

    You didn’t tell me you went to Tatooine! Sounds like the Sahara was awesome

  3. David Steinmetz says:

    That photo of the desert looks fake! Faker!

  4. sakulich says:

    Dude. The sahara was unbelievable. By which I mean I had trouble believing it… an IMAX in trenton would have been more convincing. So how’s things in the Deutschland? Where’s the Krautablag? I’m hoping to ride your couch for a few days in late 2008. Hey, that rhymes!

  5. Risa! says:

    You look so stately in a Fez! And I know you wore that matching maroon shirt on purpose. You color-coordinator, you.

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