So, there’s a kind of sandwich here that I’ve just recently been introduced to. Cover your keyboard lest it be ruined by your drool:

Fried Mashed Potatoe Sandwiches. Maqooda.

Fantastic. There’s nothing about them that I dislike. Fried mashed potatoes with hot sauce on a proper hoagie roll. Not a baguette, and not hobz, but a gen-u-wine hoagie roll. For an extra 1 dirham you can get a poached egg thrown on top. The total cost? 4 DH. That’s about 45 cents. 45 CENTS!

America puts out a hojillion dollars in foreign aid a year. You know what would really improve our image in the world? Take, say, a million dollars, earmark it for Maqooda production, and feed a whole city for a decade. My brain, giant and bursting with knowledge though it may be, is incapable of understanding how such a sandwhich can be a) delicious, b) filling, and c) cheap as dirt. Some day an economist will explain this to me. I’ve yet to try one with eggs on it, but I can only imagine that it is amazing. And for much less than a dollar!

On the other hand, sitting at the maqooda stand, a guy sits down smoking a joint and starts eating his sandwich. So maybe maqooda attracts a bad crowd; I don’t really know the cultural associations of fried mashed potatoes. I do, however, know that if I was in charge of the War on Drugs, we’d all really see something. Tanks in the streets, helicopters firing rockets, communal reprisals, guilt by association, the whole nine yards. I’d be calling plays from Attila’s playbook. In fact, if The Government is reading this, and they probably are, let me say that I could make a good addition to your team. I’ve already got a detailed plan! Line ’em up ’till they talk. But what if they don’t talk, you ask? Trust me, they’ll talk. I’m not just patient, I’m imaginitive.

Er, anyway, so this post kind of wandered off somewhere. The point is that fried mashed potato sandwiches are awesome and the product of a mind clearly stuffed with substantial genius.


2 Responses to Maqooda

  1. Jameson says:

    That sounds delicious. I want one with egg.

  2. Holzerman says:

    It sounds like a veritable tasteapalooza. I must try to make one, since I’m not going to Morocco in the near future.

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