Moroccan Jokes

Warning: they don’t translate very well.

A man is very forgetful, so he loses his pen. He goes to the Hanoot and says ‘give me a pen please’ and the man behind the counter says ‘what kind?’ The man says, ‘I’m well, praise be to god!’

The same man goes to a doctor and says “I have a problem with my memory.” The doctor says “When did this problem start?” The man says “What problem?”

The same man goes to another doctor, who gives him some pills. Instead of taking one, he takes two, because he doesn’t want to have memory problems. The next day he goes back and says “It worked!” The doctor says “Oh yeah? What did you have for lunch yesterday?” The man says “fish.” The doctor says that’s good, but they need to let a year go by so as a test. So a year later the man comes back, and the doctor recognises him, and says “How are you?” And the  man says “Breaded and fried!”

 Also, the movie Dude, Where’s My Car? Is translated over here as Dude, My Car is not where I Left it but Praise God, for We Have Not Been Injured.


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