Entry Stamp Issues!

So, the entry stamp on my passport expires next monday. The people here in Fes won’t let me apply for a residency permit because I have no proof I will be in Morocco after December 31st. The people in Casablanca won’t let me apply because I have no proof that I am living in the country now. So I have to apply for an entry permit extension. But the people here jerked me around so long that I’ve got no chance of getting it.

How on earth can a program like this have been built without more aid for getting residency permits? I mean, surely there’s some expedited process or something that the government could arrange? And how can the school possibly know so little about residency permits?

Anyway, I am taking a trip to the Spain this weekend. I am trying to look at it as a fun vacation that I want to take, and not a sucky pain in the ass productof beaurocracy. Maybe they give you such a hard time getting a residency permit to help out the spanish tourism industry? I don’t know. Blarg! This gets 0 out of 6 on the international burger scale.


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