Worst Weekend of All Time Ever Had by Anyone, Ever

So, this weekend has been terrible. I am dead tired, and I think part of my brain exploded from anger, so let me give you these tantalizing tidbits until I can tell the whole story:

This weekend I have sat on a bus for a total of 11 hours.

I ended up in spain with no spendable currency

I ended up taking a cab ride to an abandoned gas station to meet a “good man”

The streets going to, and in, the Enclave City were flooded

I’ve walked around 7 kilometers this weekend, 3 of which were in the rain

I didn’t eat from breakfast saturday till just now

The border guard gave me an entry permit good for 7 days, and since my old one would have expired in 7 days, that means I made a total profit of ZERO DAYS.

I saw the Moroccan Evelyn on a bus. It was weird.

And upon returning here, my room smells like ass. The end.


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