Best Time In Medina Ever

So,you may have noticed that last weekend I did not particularly enjoy my time in the medina. Yesterday’s trip, however, was a full 180 degree reversal. It was fantastic.

We just wandered a bit before my shopping-partner decided to duck into a shop. The guy inside was the nicest guy I’ve ever met in the medina. We talked for probably about a half-hour. Sitting in his little shop and studying everyday, he taught himself fluent english in three years, and now he’s starting on spanish. He said whenever we want to chat, or if we need help with projects and the like, to come see him.

Second, we ended up meeting two of our buddies that live in the medina. While walking around, they ran into a man they knew. Since we were there with a friend of his, he gave us genuine decent prices on everything, and (even better) sat and chatted with us a bit.

Finally, we went to a new cafe that has opened up off of Talaa Kbiira across from the rose water stand. It’s called the Clock Cafe, as it is in the same building that had the world’s first water-clock, and it’s amazing. A british guy named mike owns it, and he renovated the hell out of the place. It’s beautiful. We sat on the very top part of the roof, from which we could see most of the medina and the minarets of at least a half-dozen mosques.

I had pumpkin soup and a camel-burger. Quite tasty! My buddy took a photo of me, and I look absolutely unhinged. Then, as we were sitting chatting after supper, the call to prayer sounded. Since we were on a rooftop in the medina, we got like a dozen different calls from a dozen different mosques in all directions, right at sunset. It was quite lovely.

And so that was the nicest time I’ve yet had in the medina. As much as I like the good prices, meeting people that were willing to just talk and pass some pleasant time was much better.


2 Responses to Best Time In Medina Ever

  1. George says:

    Sounds fun man, remember in your travels, there are assholes in every city, but nice guys in every building.

  2. Holzerman says:

    Pumpkin soup, eh? How was that? It sounds pretty interesting… although I did have a mediocre butternut squash soup from Wawa before. Then again, it was a different gourd and it wasn’t homemade indigineous (sic) food, it was processed store stuff (albeit from the best in processed store stuff)

    And how was camel too? Is it like cow?

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