Big Day

So today is my last morning in Fes. In about an hour, I will take my backpack and a grannybag containing a blanket, towel, one pair of shoes, and a water boiling dealie and hop on a train to Casablanca. My advisor there has given me the adress of a cheap hotel near the university, and I will be able to get a cab from the train station to the hotel, and they will have an open room, Insha’allah.

Tomorrow I am meeting a young lady who currently lives in Casablanca. This is super, because I will be able to get an idea from her of what different neighborhoods are like. I’m not sure I will be able to live a 10 minute walk from the university, the way I do in the US. I’m considering just getting a place somewhere nice, then compressing all of the stuff I need to be at the university for into three days, then spending two days at home writing, reading papers, and analyzing data.

Now a lesser man might be nervous about getting on a 5-hour train ride with a load of stuff, finding a hotel in a strange city with fairly rudimentary language skills, and getting everything to work smoothly. When I say a “lesser man”, of course I mean “a lesser man that Superman.” I’m a little worried, but despite that I shall not sing a worried song. However, I won’t be worried long. Anyway, this has the makings of a great adventure! Just like the screen at the beginning of Bubble Bobble. Except I hope I don’t spend 30 hours doing this over the course of new years and then realize that I haven’t really won. Man, bubble bobble was awesome. The end.

PS- Don’t be worried if you don’t hear from me for some odd weeks. I rather suspect hotels in Arab North Africa don’t necessarily have internet connections.


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