The White House

I cannot say that my original trip to Casablanca was a happy one. This one, however, has been much better. Before I left Fes, to which I had returned for Christmas, I looked up a sort of Moroccan version of Craigslist and armed myself with 20 phone numbers of people with apartments.

The bad news is that the listings were not from the landlords themselves; realty agents had posted them. And neglected to mention that until I had chosen an apartment. I think I am getting a little ripped off, but I only have Fes with which to compare prices, so that might not be fair. But the having to pay an extra fee to the realty agents stings a little. But what do I care? All I need now is to find my raw materials and Ive got nothing but smooth sailing ahead.

I move in on Monday. It is well furnished, has a huge  kitchen, and is above an Acima, sort of the Moroccan version of a Genuardis. They sell beer there, and usually youve got to go outside the building and back in through a separate room. Here, theres just a door you enter near the enterance. So thats certainly not a problem, though I saw no lambics or Hoegaardens. But still; its nice to have. I guess I could also buy groceries there.

The only thing that it doesnt ave is internet. The realty guys said that an apartment with internet in it was something Id only be able to find in America, but they later admitted such places existed but were expensive. I think they were just trying to unload a place on me in a hurry. Easiest months wages they ever made, I am sure.Anyway, a few weeks after I get used to the place, I will make such a nuisance of myself theyll be happy to call up the internet provider and getme wired just to shut me up.

Everything is falling together auite well!


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