New Apartment

Well! I am settling in to my new place. I met with the landlord and everyone at lunchtime, and we just came over and they gave me some keys. Easy as eating pancakes. However, wednesday we have to go to the government office and get things sorted officially. They were closed today for the holiday.

I’ve figured out why the new apartment feels so familiar. It seems like a house down the Jersey Shore. Like, it’s decorated, but in sort of a ‘just visiting’ way, and everything is good, it’s just sort of old. But I have a TV, and I am currently using an unsecure WiFi signal. I am trying not to use up too much bandwith, so as to not irritate whoever I am getting it from.

Anyway, I think I am going to continue unpacking, and will stop by the supermarket for my first properly decent meal in quite some time!

PS – I think there’s a satellite channel here called Das Reich. I have no idea what it is and cant get it to come in.


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