More about my TV

So, I went to the cyber cafe and just saved every PDF file I could find on google scholar that had anything to do with Morocco to my USB drive and brought them home. If anyone wants to talk about poverty rates in the arab world, I’m on top of my game now.

 On an unrelated note, Kuwaiti TV has screwed me. I saw an episode of a 3-part miniseries that ran on the Sci-Fi channel called The Lost Room. It is absolute genius. Well, the first episode is. The Wetzel! Elrond! I call into play your internet prowess! Find this for me and send it my way! If at all possible. That would be awesome.

On an unrelated note, it is raining really hard here, so to get this wireless signal I am holding the laptop above my head, standing on my couch. That’s right, ladies, I’ve got a couch. Yeah anyway, typing is an acrobatic feat of no small skill and it also hurts so now I will stop.

 PS (EDIT) – The one Iraqi satellite TV channel is weird as all get out. They had CSI: Miami on earlier, and all the commericals are just guys with AKs reminding you to conserve water. Also, instead of commercials, every 5 minutes they play a tape of a woman singing “Happy new yeeeeeear! Happy new yeeeeeeear!”


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