That is rather strange, actually

So last night after editing papers all day I decided I’d see what was on the ol’ television; My apartment came with satellite TV, though I would be happy to trade it for the internet. I occasionally swipe a little bit of a wifi connection from somewhere, but that doesn’t work in the rain, so I am now at the cyber cafe around the corner.

Anyway, if one can judge a culture by its television stations, one can say some weird things about Kuwait. Here was their schedule, as I remember it yesterday: two hours of ER, a show about the worlds most awesome ships, a show about the worlds worst boat disasters, an episode of Martha Stewart Live, a chinese cooking show, and then three more hours of ER. What have I learnt? In Kuwait they love boats and medicine.

On the other hand, there’s a satellite that has nothing but 400 channels of advertisements for Italian 900 numbers. That was startling.

To round it out, I watched the end of the second Matrix movie with arabic subtitles. I now know the words for “Oh No!” and “shit.” Also, I think it helped my reading comprehension, I’m starting to get faster with words. But there are a lot of letters that are not used in Morocco that are used elsewhere, which I had trouble recognizing. Stupid dental fricatives.


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