Truth in Advertising

I’ve been eating rather a lot of ramen noodles recently. Mostly because they are easy to prepare and sort of a tasty snack. However, this is in addition to proper eating habits and nutrition and all that. Oh! And I should mention that they are easy to prepare because Mike and Lubna are people of exceptionally high quality and all around aesomeness.

Anyway, I was excited because there was a new flavor yesterday: spicy chili. After eating it, I am considering a lawsuit. In the ingredient list, for the life of me, I can’t find “sweatshirt” or “old socks” or “ass.” Ugh. It is quite possibly the most horrible food item I have ever eaten. It’s like there’s a party in my mouth and everyone is drunk and pooping on the floor. Blech.



One Response to Truth in Advertising

  1. Caroline Schauer says:

    I was reading your blog while teaching Freshman Design and I was laughing so hard they entire class wondered what I was reading. I love the Chili Raman! Maybe it is different here?
    Hope all is well.
    All the best

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