The Hitler Channel

So, I went to the grocery store today. The keep the big items near the door; I usually walk past the refrigerators and the televisions to get to the beer and ramen I so desperately need. Today was like any other day, except that as I walked in, Adolf Hitler is giving a speech on an enormous gazillion-inch plasma screen.

That was the last thing on earth I expected to see in the grocery store.

I think I dropped the basket I was holding and blurted out “what the hell is going on here?!” No one seemed to notice, so I just went and bought a 6-pack of Castel Beer. I then went to the cleaning products aisle and got a 6-pack of drain cleanser, which tastes better.

When I got to the check out aisle, Hitler was still talking away. But watching him from the aisle, something seemed strangely familiar. I felt really bad when I realized that the TV was just tuned to the History Channel to display its fantastic colour quality and resolution. I felt even worse when I actually recognized the documentary that was playing. It was Destroy The Bismarck! which I saw a couple of months ago on YouTube.

So there that is. A history documentary was playing on a TV in a grocery store, and I recognized specifically which documentary it was.


One Response to The Hitler Channel

  1. Holzerman says:

    That’s odd. I’ve been having a debate on Hitler on a message board that I frequent today.

    Although as of late, I’ve been having a ton of such coincidences… I guess you can call me a coincidal maniac?

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