So, Last week my friends from Rabat came and visited. A week later, their friends who were travelling in the Maghreb came and stayed at my place en route to the air port. They were very nice and I feel like a jerk because when they asked if they could used the shower, I laid out some towels but forgot to show them how to turn on the hot water. Thursday I went out with Nicole, an ex-fulbrighter that got a job here with the Soccer and all. It turns out she knows where an excellent bar is! I will mention more about that in a moment.

The best part is that I finally found a decent map of Casablanca. It’s huge, and using it I was able to plan out a route from my place to the meeting place by the consulate. It takes about 30 minutes and after maybe 10 it goes from industrial areas to real nice looking residential areas. Sweet. The consulate, by the way, was closed off due to a small rally of palestinians. So yeah, I took a detour and found a Domino’s.

This weekend Megan came down from Fes and we went looking for new places to hang out. Well, she came to shop and I came to eat. We had lunch in a CHINESE RESTAURANT and then, after the shopping, we ate at a Spanish Tapas restaurant. It was delicious, but not even remotely filling. I think the next time I will get the Tapas, and also bring a hamburger or something with me. We had steamed mussels, garlic shrimps, two salad plates, a spanish quiche thing, and a plate full of thin-cut ham. Bizzlam! Also, I demand an answer from any italians that may be reading: how should I feel about Sangria? I know I am not supposed to like Rose wines, or any wines that come in two gallon jugs, but wine plus apples? I demand moral guidance!

Anyway, I forgot what I was talking about.


One Response to Visitors

  1. Scott says:

    I am fake Irish, but to me there’s no question about it. Sangria is awesome. It can be made with any quality or varietal of wine, not just rose.

    Bonus man points would be awarded, I imagine, if you swallow the bits of fruit whole as you guzzle away.

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