Dude. Weak.

So, it turns out that the reason I am not allowed to use the library system at Drexel is that, for the two years that I waved health insurance, I have an unpaid balance for health insurance. Did the guy have his fingers crossed when I waived coverage or something? And if they had signed me up despite my not wanting it, shouldnt they have sent me a membership card or something? Shouldnt the fact that a) I waived it, b)myself and the health insurance people had zero contact other than that, and c) I never used it, and never could have used it since I had no information about it mean that I’m in the clear? And shouldnt they have sent me a bill or something? Why would they cut off my access over it three years after the fact?

Look, I’ve got the health insurance money in the bank. And that money will go towards my seeing the Pyramids and Istanbul before I return to the US. The end.


One Response to Dude. Weak.

  1. Chris says:

    You can use my user name for the library if you need to.

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