Shnoo the Hell is Going on Hoona???

The language center where I studied had a lot of pluses, but it had a lot of minuses also. The minus column is that their Colloquial Moroccan programme was a gall-durned mess. Also, the classes were scheduled in such a manner that made it really unlikely that I would just sort of go back and study on my own.

 Therefore I have embaraked upon an amazing project. To study now and better my arabic I am going through my notes, comparing them to the four textbooks I have, and then writing up summaries. For instance, adjectives? Yeah, I got some adjectives. I got all the adjectives. Well, all the rules for using them, anyhow.

So what will the result of this be? The first ever grammar handbook written by an engineer. It is going to be called Shnoo the Hell is Going on Hoona??? because that really captures the flavour of learning moroccan arabic. I put a lot of though into what kind of book I really wanted when I was in class, and I came to the conclusion that I want, more or less, an instruction manual. All the rules laid out clearly and  precisely with examples that are as simple as possible, and none of the inevitable folderol (illustrations, comics, conversations for practice, so on and so forth.)

And then mra lazwin (sorry, cant get the arabic font to work here) suggested two parts: a pure grammar book and then a workbook for practice. GENIUS! That describes exactly what I have always wanted.

Going is slow since this is a hobby and not my actual job, but still. In a few months, look out! Blam! Arabiced!


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