Apparently, people…

…were worried after my last post? I don’t understand! I was saying specifically that I did not have anything to do with creating an insanitary condition in the petting zoo! That should have assuaged fears, not exacerbated them!

Anyway. I go to leave my apartment last night, and as I lock the door, I hear a clunk, and not a click. Strange, I think, so I try and reopen it. And the key doesnt go in. So I call my landlord who is “doing sport” far away and she tells me she will come with a locksmith. They get there, and open the door somehow, and the guy is changing out the lock, and I hear my landlord say “yeah, it’s a small house” in Arabic. Then they both erupt in laughter.

She knows I speak a little bit of Arabic, but I got the distinct impression they were making fun of me. That’s weak. Whats even weaker is that it’s her apartment.

Anyway, so that was a blast. On the work front I do my first batch of compressive tests tomorrow, and apparently the other 9 kinds of slag arrive on saturday. wooo! So things are starting to ramp up I guess. Also, my dad arrives friday for a two week visit.

The secretary is, apparently, on strike today so I wont be getting that letter I need for my residency permit today. If I don’t have it by monday I am going to go try and get it again and pretend they never told me I needed it. I only have like 13 days left on my entry permit, and Insha’allah I will not have to leave and re-enter.


One Response to Apparently, people…

  1. Joe says:

    I’m getting the impression that she’s ripping you off in terms of rent. You should let her know that you think you’re being over charged for such small room and that a refund would be appreciated. If she doesn’t give you a refund you can always take matters into your own hands. Just think, wwjd (what would Joe do)?

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