It has come to my attention that the Right Honourable Alex Moseson, from my group, and my good man Mr. Edward Anderson, from the Earth Cements Are Awesome Project (ECAAP) are going to recieve the GAAN and Grosvenor fancy pants scholarships, respectively. Congratulations and accolades I say! Accolades!

In addition to a fez, I shall need to purchase a top hat and monocle before I return to the US, that I may converse with them in the high-culture manner to which they shall soon become accustomed!


One Response to Congratulations!

  1. Alex M says:

    I am humbled and grateful for the recognition! I recall that you too were a GAANN winner, so by that logic, you already define the intellectual and cultural norms of such society. That being the case, I propose that we dispense with the top hat and monocle, and indulge in the already proven “drink a few pints, talk at length about things which are at once of infinite and no importance, and live in apartments which at a minumum, have no less than 4 walls and a ceiling… and Ramen.”

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