Took a one day trip to Marrakesh on sunday with my father, who is visiting. A lot of Moroccans have told me that Marrakesh is really nice and that I have to visit it.

It was sort of strange. Getting out at the train station, everything was really well kept up. Every building was painted pink, there were huge signs in every language, and lots of groups of europeans wandering about. The medina was strange: there were roads going through it large enough for automobiles to drive on! To me, the word medina means the Fes medina, which has zero roads large enough for an automobile.

Anyway, the place felt like Disneyland. The waiters spoke english, everything was meticulously maintained, groups of blatant tourists roaming about, and we even saw some double decker buses labelled BUS TOURS OF MARRAKESH! We saw a couple of palaces, a museum, and the Saadian tombs. They were interesting, I guess, but why Marrakesh is the huge tourist draw and not fes is beyond me.


One Response to Marrakesh

  1. Ed Anderson says:

    I think the fact its like Disneyland is probably more the reason it’s a tourist draw… ie it’s a cause, not an effect.

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