Adventures in Satellite TV

Imagine the music that was popular in high school. Not the music that you listened to: the music that was popular. Think soundtracks to romantic comedies that 40 year old women, at the time, were madly in love with. Now imagine young women, most of whom sport the facial features of the impoverished nations of far eastern europe, and now imagine them singing along to the music (about 4 seconds behind the lyrics) and taking off their clothes. But taking off their clothes in such a manner that not only is their taking off their clothes not hot, but is actually thoroughly unappetizing and if anything makes one wish for tighter anti-human trafficking laws than anything else.

Congratulations! You now know as much about German prime time TV as I do!

This message was brought to you by the wine made in the Guerrouane region of Morocco: it comes in a plastic bottle, has a twist off plastic cap instead of a cork, and costs 80 cents a litre. Also, it is in my stoamche. I’m going to go lie down and try not to think of the sexual slave trade that is apparently alive and well in the Deutschland. Good night!


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