I’m not going to lie. I’m a nerd. I just finished Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, and I’ve got to say, I really liked it up until the part where it started to suck. In act IV Jupiter (JUPITER!) shows up riding a flaming eagle and throwing thunderbolts. What the hell is that? Did Shakespeare think his audience was going to get bored so he had to throw in some ridiculous special effects? Was this play the first mass produced summertime blockbuster? Seriously. Weak as hell.

I think maybe I just hate the idea of deus ex machina. It’s just… just… weinery. That’s how irritated I was.  I can’t think of a word other than weinery to describe it. Gaaaah. I never understood before why some people think that maybe Shakespeare didn’t write all of his plays. Maybe it’s because some of them are sweet as hell until halfway through when they tear your pants off and shove you naked into the girl’s locker room screaming “check out my wizzang, ladies!” But I don’t think that means there are two authors. I think it means ol’ Sheikh Zubir cranked out a flop now and then. Ugh.

If you’re going to read cymbeline, stop after Act II. Ugh.


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