A Case of the Wednesdays

Pardon the lack of updates, I am having a visitor so the time that I used to spend shirtless on the couch covered in potato chip crumbs now goes to entertaining. Entertaining, I say!

Anyway, work progressess slowly. I found a place that does compression tests, but only on cube shaped samples. So bessalama to all of the cylinders I had made! Today I tried to make some cube samples using a homemade wooden mold. If the creek don’t rise I’ll test them net week and see how things go.

On the plus side, Ive gotten more information about the trip to a conference in Tunisia, and it’s going to be awesome. The week before that is the Fulbright conference in Rabat, where I will be for four days. And it turns out that in July I may be going to a conference in Italy! Woohoo!

And I’m out.


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