I Demand You Set Up a Delicious Buffet

So, last night, I recieved a package from dear old dad that contained a movie on one of these DVD discs that the young people are such fans of. The movie on the DVD disc was Casablanca.

I’d never heard of this film before, but decided to watch it with the aid of a bottle of Maghrebi brand wine (80 cents per litre, plastic bottle, tin foil wrapped around the top instead of a cork). The movie is fantastic! It’s 100 percent solid gold cash money. Although I think I am partial to movies with just a hint of moustache-twirling villainy. Also, it makes Overdrawn at the Memory Bank make much more sense. I could hear Scott’s faux-jowly voice grating out demands for ham as though he were in the room with me.

At work, the DSC is fixed! But the XRD broke. Is there some sort of Conservation of Moroccan Science Equipment law of which I have not heard?

And speaking of delcious buffets, I found a place that has fresh fish (I mean fresh – it’s at the port) and serves belgian wheat beer. Things is looking UP.


One Response to I Demand You Set Up a Delicious Buffet

  1. Scott says:

    I shed a tear to know that my basso profundo voice is with you, even in Morocco.

    Now draw me some butter, etc.

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