A Holiday!

So Last tuesday my visitor casually mentions that she had heard that thursday was a holiday of some sort. I ask at work, and find out that the University will be closed for two days. It turns out that its the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. Sort of a Mohammedmas, if you will. Thursday the whole place is deserted. I mean, there’s not even a single person on the street.

We went up to the Corniche (the Moroccan Wildwood) and walked up far enough that we saw a shrine I had previously searched for, built on a rock out in the ocean and accesible only at low tide. Dude, awesome.

For the weekend we went to Fes, where we wandered the Medina and I stumbled upon the location of the Shrines to Ahmed Tijhani and Moulay Idriss, much to my surprise. The shrines are amazing, little houses of all carved wood and painted tiles tucked away in the medina near Karaouaiyne.

Sunday as we left fes we noticed a lot more soldiers than usual on the street. It was soon apparent why: we saw a car turn the corner, and from out of the sunroof His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, is waving to the crowd on the sidewalk. Dude. Sweet. I saw the King!


3 Responses to A Holiday!

  1. Ed Anderson says:

    Glad to hear you had an awesome weekend. Since you said a lot more soldiers than normal… is there normally a lot on the streets?

  2. sakulich says:

    Not really. When royalty is in town you can see them every 5 feet or so near the palace, etc. The majority of the time you just see a few here and there directing traffic and the like. I think they sort of use soldiers and police interchangably here? Like, guys in olive drab directing traffic and the like.

  3. Ed Anderson says:

    Ahh yeah thats what I figured.

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