Weird Cab Rides

For whatever reason, this week has had a heavy concentration of weird cab rides. First, I was standing outside the police prefecture, and a cab rolls up and the guy waves at me. It was my old friend! He’d taken me to the train station one day and somehow remembered me. Then, wednesday, I got into a cab and the man in the passenger seat had quite possibly the biggest head I’ve ever seen. It’s like someone inverted a Cello and put a shirt and trousers on the handle part. He was also rockingly drunk.

Then coming back from dinner one night, the cabbie asks me where I’m from. I say America and he goes “Hey! All right! You know we Moroccans love American people, right?” And then there’s this long pause. And then he says “except not your president. Your president is a lunatic.”

So, there that is. Most Moroccans I meet have never heard of the city of Philadelphia, but they have strong feelings about our political process. I just thought that was interesting for some reason.

Oh! And at a party last nightI met a guy that claims to have gone to U Penn. I think he was lying though, because when I asked him if he’d ever been to the New Deck he said he didn’t think so.


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