This Had Better Be an April Fools Prank

I don’t think that the Fulbright Commision intended this, but this project is making me bipolar. Some days I wake up and Ive got plans and plans and plans, and I’m going to kick ass and really put out some world quality research. Then the next day, I’m signing the blues.

I mean, my microscope done left me, my dog up an’ died, and I’ve got nothing to offer the Arab ladyfolks.

Anyway, today started off high. I’m getting a new batch of shale oil ashes, and (God Willing) I will make some aesome cement out of them. Then, I was told to sit around for four hours before we could use the ball mill. So that put me in the dumps. Then I found a place that sells hot dogs, and I was on top of the world. Then a professor says “all the students are coming to me to sign papers because of the holiday.”

My blood stops moving and I ask him to repeat that but in French. Then English. He tells me the university is closed next week for term break (just like 2 months ago when I first got herre.)

This had better be a joke. An April Fool’s gag. This project is going quite slow enough already, thanks. If the university is closed all of next week I won’t be going to Tunisia. I will be going out of my mind.  You’ll probably see me on the news, throwing hostages out of windows.

On the other hand, I guess I could go visit my comrades in Tangier, and go to fes and make floorplans for some medina houses and the like. GRAAAAAAAAH! I know that research in the third world is not like research in the US, but COME ON, MANN. I’m going out of my head over here.


6 Responses to This Had Better Be an April Fools Prank

  1. Ed Anderson says:

    Poor Third World Aaron =(

    I doubt you’re bipolar, but you’re probably just mood-swingy, hehe.

    Ohh, and I saw a commercial on the television the other day you would have been perfect for. In a nutshell its two male cows (bulls) hitting on two female cows by acting like they’re french by speaking “French.” The one says “Bon-jooer, Lay-deees” and could so have been you.

  2. Bethany says:

    I’m now commenting to a second stranger! (Read: I’m affectionate.) That freakin’ California Cows commercial is genius. I now hit on girls just to say that.

  3. Holzerman says:

    It could be worse. You could be a Democrat.

  4. Alex M says:

    ENJOY IT. It’s all in how you look at it 😉

  5. sakulich says:

    I look at it like someone wants to graduate sometime this millenium and doesnt have a huge amount of time left to get thisbusiness off the ground.

    On an unrelated note, today’s results with SHALE OIL ASHES (woot) are looking mighty good. So that takes some of the load off of my mind.

    I figure I’ll try and work at the university next week; if I can’t, I’ll at least try and set up a meeting with an NGO in Rabat and do the compression tests at the Syndicate Office.

    Other than that, maybe go to see Tangier, or go back to fes and walk a circuit around the city walls and take pictures of every single gate. Plus I’d like to go back to the area with all the shrines, but early when theres no one around so that I can damire them.


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