As They Say in Arabic: Al-Yikes!

So, I finally got paid today. Anyway I was feeling sort of down in the dumps about my project tottering along at the pace it is, but yesterday I got all gassed up. I figure the end of the week I’ll go see tangier, and why havent I done more travelling anyway? So I was going to start by going to the Casablanca Jewish Museum today. It’s the only one in the entire Arab world. But it’s raining cats and hogs. So take that, plans!

Also, there’s a jazz festival in town. I was psyched to go, not that I know anything about jazz, but it turns out tickets are 400 DH apiece. Now, I’ve got that. I could swing 400 DH. On the other hand, for that amount I could buy 3 cases of beer. Or a pound of Fois Gras and a half pound of caviar. Or roughly 50 maqooda sandwiches. Or three pairs of high quality shoes. Or half a leather jacket. Look, the point Im trying to make is I think I shan’t be in attendance at the jazz festival.

They probably don’t play no dixieland nohows.


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