The Body Ecclectic

I saw a woman at the supermarket in a T-Shirt that said “the Body Ecclectic”. Is this a clothing brand? Or is it a misspelt knock off and they mean the Body Electric? I ask because an ecclectic body does not seem like something you’d want to have. LIke, that’s not sexy at all. “Yeah, my left arm collects ice picks and civil war memorabilia, my right foot speaks with a british accent even though its from New Jersey, and my lateral scapula makes its own hot sauce.” Or have I forgot what the word ecclectic means?

Anyway in other fashion news, I hear that the chain Zara is having some trouble. Thank heavens. We need less men prancing about in pink silk popped collared shirts in the world.


One Response to The Body Ecclectic

  1. Scott says:

    You can’t post something like this and not expect demands from your Fieldist friends for gifts of hilarious clothing. If you were to come back later this year with a Moroccan-Engrish-flavored t-shirt for me, there would be much rejoicing!

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