Tangier: Tapas and Face Ruining

So the first night we go to dinner and then decide to hit my comrades’ local bar. It’s called the Atlas Bar, and if you replaced the Arabs in it with Black Africans, it would be exactly like any of the 250,000 corner neighborhood bars in Philadelphia. It was nice and relaxed, just right. So that makes the score Fes = Full of angry people waiting for a fight, Casablanca = Trendy pop-collared beef whistles, and Tangier = Awesome.

Anyway, we start a’ drinkin’, and they start a’ bringin’ us Tapas. Just little plates of munchies. Popcorn, shrimp, bean stew, beef slices, and on and on. It was fantastic. So after the soccer game ends we figure we can start talking again, and have ourselves a conversation. At one point, Dan gets up to use the toilet, and he walks past a guy at the bar who says, in Arabic “They’re with the CIA. Or FBI.” Not my finest moment, but I decide to tell the guy that’s not true, and we get into this really awkward conversation, because he didn’t think I’d understand. Anyway, his mumbly self backs down.

An hour later, Dan and I are talking again. I say “She came to Fes to study Arabic” in reference to a friend of mine about whom I’d just told a story. The guy at the bar, whose name is Eyes Too Close Together, starts to flip out. “What you said about Arabic?!” sort of a line of inquiry.

Anyway, this other guy steps in before anything gets going. This guy, Suspicious Moustache, gets Eyes Too Close Together to back off. His english was excellent and,  after asking us why we were in Tangier, he mentioned that

“… I am here doing location scouting for the A-Team Movie.”


Apparently, the A-Team movie will be shot at least partially in Marraksh, Morocco. I called 3 people to tell them how excited I was, but no one seemed to care. You listen to me: An A-Team Movie is exactly what the world needs now. And when we’re sitting in the theatre 2 years from now watching it, remember, you heard it hear first courtesy of Suspicious Moustache (it occurs to me he looked like an Arab Mr. Mudd from the original Star Trek.)



One Response to Tangier: Tapas and Face Ruining

  1. Ed Anderson says:

    I pity the fool… that wouldn’t want an A-Team movie.

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