Tangier: Abba Jeeba?

Friday night I went to some guy’s birthday party. He scared the crap out of me because he’s the only person I’ve met in Morocco that’s taller than me. Also, I did a terrible thing to his toilet like 5 minutes after I got to his house and I was afraid that he’d peice it together: that sound that sounded like a gunshot, the shattering of porcelain, and my new shock of white hair as stumbled out from the ruins of his bathroom, cloaked in a brackish fog.

Anyway, we were up on the roof, overlooking the Casbah. The guy standing next to the wine seemed a little irritated that he had to be the one to give out the wine but went about it good humoredly. I mean, it’s not like anyone could move. The place was at capacity.

Anyway, later on it turned out he was the main character in the movie Pi. I’ve never seen it, but that guy is married to a Moroccan Photographer that runs a cinema in Tangier. So there that is.

Also, I can cross something off the list of things I want to do before I die: I have listened to the song Rock The Casbah while actually in a genuine Casbah. Next on the list: listen to that song whilest actually rocking a Casbah.


One Response to Tangier: Abba Jeeba?

  1. Ed Anderson says:

    I dunno… the Sharif won’t like it.

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