Pimps ‘n’ Hos

Now, here’s the thing. I’ve had more or less zero experience in the, so to speak, sex trade while here in Morocco. Sure, I’ve been to some western-style hotels where the bars are filled with hookers, but they never paid no mind to me. Except the one with 9 fingers, I guess.

Anyway. Ever since I shaved my beard, I’ve had a lot of trouble with pimps. At least three times they’ve asked me if I was “looking for some girls.” The last one said “you know, for —-ing.” Sorry, children read this blag. Anyway, it ocurred to me afterwards that this was a perfect setup for a joke: “Oh, that’s what they’re for?” “What? —-ing? I’ve been doing it wrong all these years!” And so on.

Anyway, I just got a call from my landlord. She was calling because she wanted to let me know that the police were cracking down on unmarried folks cohabitating. “You know,” she said, “the prostitutes.” Dude. What the hell? I’m sure she was just being nice, and letting me in on the loop, but still. Dude. Though, apparently in the Anfa neighborhood they’ve arrested 40 people.

Did I look pious when I had a beard and that kept the pimps away? Or did I just look like I had my end, so to speak,¬†covered? Or does clean shaven Aaron look like he’s got lady problems?


One Response to Pimps ‘n’ Hos

  1. Alex M says:

    Perhaps clean-shaven Aaaron looks more like a tourist, and less like a local Muslim. The latter being generally less of a target for those offering —ing.

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