Presidential Whatnot

Bear in mind that this morning, to hear the results of PA’s democratic primary, I tuned in to Al Jazeera English. It’s actually a pretty good news station, aside from the presenters making faces when they say “Israel” as if the word itself tastes bad. But a lot of Moroccans have made two good points about democracy to me: What’s the point of having a democracy when no one likes the president, and what’s the point of having a democracy if only the same 2 families keep swapping the presidency?

Anyway, what sort of fool would vote for Clinton? A few weeks ago she told a totally, 100% fabricated story about being awar hero while in Bosnia. She called it a misspeaking because it was late at night and she was tired, ignoring that the comment was made at 10 am (or something.) Look, I’m an easy guy. One bold-faced, blatant-ass lie, and I’ll move on to the next candidate. Even if he is a weiner like Obama. If, in some insane universe, Clinton becomes the next president, it’d be the same as Bush, but inverted: the 50% that are happy now will be unhappy then, and vice versa. We ought to have a president that more than 50.0001% of the electorate likes.

The fact that she’s fighting tooth and nail for personal gain doesn’t help neither. Here’s the way I see the future: she wins maybe half of the next elections. So does Obama. So Obama wins the candidacy, except Clinton pulls out every legal stop she can, taking the thing to court and futzing about with Florida and Michigan, and so on, to try and get herself appointed the party’s choice. This sucks cash out of both democratic candidates and lowers them to mudslinging. Meanwhile, McCain is already stockpiling money and letting the democractic candidates make his argument for him.

Anyway, the point is, McCain is our next president. Hooray!

Thus ends my first and last political post, ever. The more news I read, the more I just want to move way the hell out into the woods and not never see no one.


2 Responses to Presidential Whatnot

  1. Holzerman says:

    The last time I posted about politics on my blog, I got into a verbal slapfight with a Canadian. I learned my lesson good.

    I think.

  2. Ed Anderson says:

    Amen, Aaron. I’m just glad this means no more political commercials… for a bit. They drive me through the roof and want to move to Canada or something. They have like a King* or something right, so no politicking*

    *Just kidding. It’s an Queen, no? 😉

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