Joke From Israel

So I heard this joke from a student with a Fulbright to Israel:

One day the Egyptian government loses a rabbit. It’s very important, so they call the CIA to come track it down. The CIA arrives with helicopters, satellite maps, infrared rabbit detectors, and spend almost five million dollars looking for the rabbit. But they don’t find it, so the Egyptians call in the KGB. The KGB Agents go into the forest, and the Egyptians here a lot of gunfire, but after a week the KGB admits defeat too. They can’t find the rabbit. So the Egyptians, depserate now, call in the Mossad. A single man arrives and goes into the forest. After a week, the Egyptians haven’t heard from him, so they go into the forest looking for him. As they come into a clearing, they see the man holding a groundhog pinned to a tree, punching it, and shouting “confess that you are a rabbit!”

So there that is.


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