May Day M’aider

I wake up this morning and do what I always do – mumble a stream of obscenities at the roof and check my email in my underpants. I mean, while wearing underpants. I don’t, you know, keep my email inside a pair of underpants.

Anyway there’s a letter from Higher Up telling me there are going to be marches for May Day, which apparnetly is some sort of Communist holiday, and to stay off of certain streets in case of bad traffic. I think nothing of it, and go down to the university. Now you know that I occasionally worry about my project, but I spent all day yesterday reading and planning so that today would be a productive day. Surprise! University is closed! Damn May Day.

On the way back I noticed that the supermarkets are also all closed. And then a convoy of 50-something white buses filled with men in green hats goes by. I assume they were going to a march.

Anyway, I think even the very air over here is trying to sabotage me.


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