Actually Friday has Started off Kind of Sucky

So remember how I went to Tunis? A lot of other people are going to Jordan, and their plane left at ass-early in the morning this morning. So five of them ask if they can stay at my place the night before, rather than leaving at 1am from their respective towns. Instead they got to leave at 4am. Good deal, right? So they come over and we go out to eat, and everyone settles in. I sleep on the floor in the kitchen. Anyway, around 6am I hear the one young lady speculate that I had them over so I could peep on them in the shower. My apartment’s not that big.  How did she think I wouldn’t hear? Bullshit. And the worst part is that I didn’t actually do any peeping! I spent four weeks drilling that hole and then didn’t use it. Dude, weak.

The University is closed again today.

A month ago when I made hot sauce, I had some extra that wouldn’t fit in the bottle. So I put it in a coffee mug. Guess which mug still has a residue of capasicum! Guess what happens when you take a big swig of hot tea laced with hot pepper juice!

I wonder what wonders saturday has in store for me!


2 Responses to Actually Friday has Started off Kind of Sucky

  1. Alex M says:

    Dude… I’m laughing, but only because I know that somewhere deep inside, you are laughing too.

  2. Ed Anderson says:

    Hmmm hot tea + hot pepper juice = hot hot pepper tea juice? Sounds… interesting, to say the least.

    Oh, and if they were leaving at 4am how did you hear them at 6am?

    Oh, and man that University of yours sure is closed a lot.

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