Hillbilly Joke

So a father and son are driving down the road in their pickup truck, the back of which is laden with oranges to sell in the market in Oujda. The son decides he wants to eat one, so he sticks his hand out the window and tries to reach back. But his arm is too short and he can’t quite reach the oranges. “Don’t worry, son.” Says the father. He slows to a stop, puts the truck in reverse, and starts backing up. “Okay,” he says, “try it now.”


3 Responses to Hillbilly Joke

  1. Barx Atthemoon says:

    You know, if you replace “Oujda” with “Georgia” or “Florida” it still works. Surely that’s gotta say something about how “different” societies are…

  2. sakulich says:

    That’s what is so messed up… it works perfectly! I am starting to think the people at FOX news have been lying to me. I mean sure, the A-Rabs look different than us, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t people…

  3. oujdaville says:

    bon continuation trés beau site

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