If I Had a Thousand Mouths, They’d All be Cursing the Travel Industry


Ahem. So I’m trying to plan for going to Italy this summer for a conference. No problem, right? Go there, go back? IS WRONG! The travel industry seems to prefer the following plan: Go there, never return. Seriously, I fly to Frankfurt, wait 6 hours, and then on to Verona. On the way back, the best I can do is fly to Frankfurt or Barcelona, wait 40 HOURS, then fly to Fes, then get on a 5 hour train. Dude. Weak. Weak weak weak.

Also, surprise! Apparently, airlines aren’t allowed to share airports. For instance, I can get to, say, Barcelona easy enough on, say, Ryan Air. But no other airlines fly out of there. I can’t get to Barcelona on Ryan air, then go Barcelona to Morocco on, say, ValuJet. BLARG BLARG BLARG BLARG.


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