I Think I Figured it Out

First, a round of applause for Elrond and Kathy, who have been sending me episodes of Lost. Second, let me complain about lost. The first season was a masterpiece. The second season was all right, but there was a plot arc (Charlie trying to baptize Claire’s baby) that I didn’t like. The third season was sweet as all get out- there weren’t as many mysteries, and they started answering old mysteries rapidly and without much flair, but still. Jack botching the Surgery? Eko refusing to repent to the smoke monster? Sweet.

But season four has not been so good. It’s a big confusing bloodbath. Seriously. There’s a group of survivors on the beach, one with Lock at The Barracks, one on the freighter, as well as freighter people on the island and the surviving Others going to the temple. That’s just hard to keep track of. And even though we’re on episode 9 or so, there’s been something like 2 dozen out right murders. I don’t mind main characters getting killed off. I mean Boone, Shannon, Ana-Lucia, Libby, and Charlie were all killed, but they went out with some style. It was done right. Karl, Alex, and Rousseau were just freaking shot. Standing up to laying down, just like that. Maybe I’m the only one that really, really though Karl was awesome.

Background characters have died before too, but it was always fairly reasonable. One here, one there. In the last episode of season three 10 Others are killed (including at least 3 I liked)? And since then at at least three survivors and five freighter crew get greased? Dude, weak. I liked Lost back in the day because it was a mystery show with a sci-fi edge. Now it’s a bloodbath with a grisly edge. If I wanted to see people getting wiped out left and right, I’d just watch the news. Ugh.

Oh well, here’s to hoping for the future.


3 Responses to I Think I Figured it Out

  1. Holzerman says:

    War has broken out on the Island. There’s still a ton of mystery, but that mystery now involves people like Keamy killing folks at his whim. There’s bound to be a stem to the tide of blood though, since people leave the Island and it’s implied that there are still more than a few folks left alive there.

  2. sakulich says:

    But it’s not at his whim, those are his orders from Widmore. The fact that he shot Gault was surprising, but to me that ensures that the frieghter people aren’t the ones that rescue the Oceanic 6. I guess there are some new mysteries like how Ben got to Tunisia in that one episode (when the two men speak arabic, one says “Look! There are no tracks! Did he fall from the skies?”) And also why is he wearing Hallowax’s jacket? And I suppose we don’t really know who created the fake crash site, as it could be either Widmore or Ben.

    But on the other hand now we know that Ben controls the smoke monster, and Rosseau is dead despite the fact that I was totally hoping for her to have a flashback episode. And dude, Karl’s dead. That’s superweak.

    And like this business with Locke having met Alpert back in the day? There was zero lead in to that before. Not even a hint. They could have made it a sweet mystery, and instead, blah. Just hey, here’s this dude.

    I dunno. I think they are avoiding long running mysteries like they used to have because people with short attention spans complained, and now it’s getting all science fictiony what with time travel and psychics and crap. Arggg! I’m just remembering how sweet season 1 was 🙂

  3. Holzerman says:

    I agree about Alpert. They should have had that Locke flashback before they introduced both the Alpert and Abbadon characters. That way, it makes their appearances all that much more mind-blowing. There are still more than a few long-running mysteries from previous seasons that they really haven’t expounded on, mainly what the smoke monster is, why Alpert hasn’t aged a day in 50 years, who was Ben working for when he gassed all the DHARMA people, what the hell is Jacob’s deal. Also, we’re getting close to the end of the series really. They have to start answering all the questions they’ve posed over the last 3+ seasons.

    But I agree… the show was at its best in the first season, even if my favorite character wasn’t introduced until midway through Season 2.

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