Someone mail me a gun

Note to the various security services: that headline is a joke.


So, at the same time, my television, telephone, and internet broke. I mean simultaneously. I think perhaps my place is haunted. Anyway, I went yesterday to get the internet repaired. At the store, he said go to the one on Rue D’anfa. On Rue D’anfa, they said go to a place near the twin center. When I got there, they were closed. So I went to day. I walked in and waited an hour, then a guy came out and said there’s nothing wrong with it, I should just go to a meditel store and get the SIM card changed. So I went to one and they told me to go to the place I bought it. I went there, again, and the guy flipped out.

So yeah, I’m tired and angry. I can’t wait to see how much fun it will be to get the TV looked at.

On the other hand I saw, for the first time in Morocco, someone flip someone else off today. Ha!


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