An Interesting Dichotomy

Well, yesterday was Andrew’s last day in the Islamic Maghreb. So we went out to eat and, more importantly, indulge in one last round of damaging our livers. And I think we did an exemplary job of it. We went to a seafood place I’ve been to before, which has really great fish and shellfish. But when we went to pay, suddenly the waiter engages in this elaborate shell game, counting and recounting our money. Over the course of this, about 70 DH disappear down the front of his apron. He must have thought we were idiots, or supremely wasted, but we called him on it and then sat around talking for a half hour just to make it harder for him to rip off other people.

Anyway, that was upsetting. But today I took a cab to the university, and the cab driver starts asking me about my family. Where are they, what do they do, etc. Anyway, as I am getting out, he says that it’s not good for the spirit to be so far away from family, and invites me to his house for Couscous. Now I am aware that he may have been trying to rip me off or lure me somewhere, so I didn’t agree, but it seemed pretty on the level.

Why can’t people either be all cool or all jerks? It’s really hard to deal with when there’s jerks one day and cool folk the next.


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