Now is the time for all good [your name here] to come to the aid of [my name here]

So! It has finally gotten to the part of my time here that I am considering the first ever Aaron World Tour. Perusing various travel websites, it looks like I can go from Casablanca to Cairo to Instanbul to Brussels to Casablanca for about $1260 in airfare. If I skip Istanbul, the price drops by about $300.

The point is  that I know a lot of international traveller types read this here blog. Does anyone have any suggestions as to places to visit? Or what airlines have the best prices? I’ve done all this research with Or perhaps ferries or trains or heaven knows what?

Also, generally speaking, how much does one spend when travelling? I eat 2 hearty meals a day, don’t mind even the grungiest of hostels, but rather insist on at least one museum a day, preferably 2. Your thoughts?

PS – I’ve also considered hitting paris. The airfare would add an extra $100. The thing is, I’d get to see many more countries if I went from Morocco just straight to Europe and bounced between large cities. Of the $1260 price, about 1/3rd is getting to Cairo. On the other hand, I hear that the pyramids are sweet.

PPS – Oh! I refuse to set foot on Spanish soil ever again. So don’t bother suggesting Spain.


One Response to Now is the time for all good [your name here] to come to the aid of [my name here]

  1. Holzerman says:

    Caveat emptor – I’ve never set foot outside of the United States.

    Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy. I think you’d enjoy Istanbul too. Even though my disdain for the French is high and not well hidden, I’d like to go see Paris too, so I endorse that.

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