Good luck to Elrond!

Today is Elrond’s, finally, Senior Design, finally, presentation! Let’s all wish Elrond good luck! And no jokes about it taking this long! Hooray for Elrond and most thorough and elaborate wishes of good luck to him!

Also, does anyone watch scrubs? I think I’ve seen every episode off of the sidereel, but there was a flashback episode, and it contained a scene I don’t recognize. Dr. Cox is talking about how someone is going to expect him to take a picture, or something, and JD says “where do you think we are?” and the camera pulls back and they’re in a graveyard. Does anyone remember that scene or know when it is? It looks like a good scene.

But back tot he important information: Hooray for Elrondo!


4 Responses to Good luck to Elrond!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Congrats Elrond! I also just finished grad school, so woohoo for being done!!!!!

    Due to my Scrubs obsession, I can tell you that’s from the second set of episodes that Brendan Faser (Jordan’s brother) is in. I think it’s season 3. Anyway in his first appearance Brendan Fraser is diagnosed with leukemia and he comes back in the third season. I don’t really want to give away what happens, but they’re in a graveyard, so you probably already guessed. It’s a very sixth-sense type episode so says the DVD commentary (Did I mention I was obsessed?)

  2. sakulich says:

    Ah ha! I think that what I did was start watching season three, and then I couldn’t get the second half to work, so I went straight to season four. And then when I was done I went back to season one and when I got to the beginning of season three I thought I’d seen everything.

    Anyway the point is that JD belongs with Molly Clock! And also the baby is clearly not his. Woooo!

  3. sakulich says:

    Holy crap! That episode was sadder than a box filled with crying kittens. Although it seems strange that Dr. Cox has had more or less a psychotic break and no one notices. But still. Dude!

  4. Kathy says:

    Anthony answered all the questions for his team! And I brought cookies to bribe the committee!

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