Frustrated again!

So its been a frustrating few days. Here are the highlights:

At work I’ve got many samples to test, but getting it done is like eating red hot nails. Everyone always tells me “tomorrow! No problem, tomorrow!” But then the net day I try and do something and they say “this is today! I thought I told you tomorrow?”

I didn’t wear my hat to work because it’s become so saturated with sweat that it was like wearing a dead fish on my head. Though in retrospect, that would be better than the GIANT SUNBURN that I am now earing instead.

My little internet dealie broke, and after a long-ass walk to the store, they told me to come back monday. Weak as hell, yo.

I still have crippling immodium gas.

Ive started language classes again. Halfway through the first class something seemed odd to me. It turns out that “their” arabic class is actually the guy quizzing me out of the Peace Corps textbook but skipping the grammar parts. It’s not that bad, there are lots of parts to the PC book that I don’t kno, and I need the practice, but I was sort of hoping for something… new. I want wait till the textbook I’m writing is done, so that I can go and teach myself from it.


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